Friday, December 5, 2008

End of Year Reports - and Thank Yous!

This has been quite a year. One that will go into the history books for the astounding achievement of electing an intelligent, strong leader who happens to be the first U.S. African American President, for the turmoil of the U.S. economy, the tracking of global climate changes and extreme weather, and personally, a year of stretches.

It's interesting how a person's life-patterns can mimic those around her. We humans look for patterns, after all, to help make sense out of our daily lives. For example, I have taken yoga regularly since 2003 and up'd the pace with Shaolin kung fu three times a week. My legs are so much stronger and overall, I'm noticeably more flexible. I also feel a bit more settled and see a groundedness in my daily life. I'm sleeping better and reacting to potentially-stressful situations with much less emotion. Even my stomach problems are almost all gone away.

A big test of this "new me" was the advent of a new job with a long commute down the I-95 corridor and onto the 695 Beltway during rush hour. Even during my interim, I felt centered and focused on what I could do - write a novel (check), dig and create a water garden (check), work on music and stained glass (check), and devote more time and loving energy to what matters most = my family and friends (continuous checking).

As the year wraps its arms around us to huddle in a moment of reflection, I have to add that I am one of the luckiest around. And to whomever and whatever's responsible, a big 'thank you.' Thank you for the music, the words, the smiles from my kids and husband, the encouragement from my extended family, friends and colleagues, and the ongoing feeling of hope that we, as a nation and a community, can come out into the light. Who knows? Maybe by March, we'll really get into the spirit of some real, down-home spring cleaning (and I'm speaking figuratively as well as literally).

Have a wonderful holiday season, and blessings to each of you throughout the year.

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